Poste San Marino communicates digitally with the Italian PEC

The tNotice certified delivery, during its second year of activity, is enriched with “tNotice Premium”, the service that allows the activation of an Italian certified email mailbox integrated in tNotice. Thanks to the collaboration of Poste San Marino S.p.A. with the Italian postal operator S.p.A., you can send e-mails to certified Italian e-mail addresses (PEC) and receive the PECs from Italy directly in your digital home, with full legal effect. The new service is activated with a simple click in your own reserved area in tNotice, with a fixed annual fee of 29 euros. Starting from today it will be possible to communicate digitally with Italy: all shipping and delivery receipts comply with the technical rules and requirements for the European certified electronic delivery service together with those envisaged for the PEC service. With the sole registration in the Public Register of Digital Domiciles, managed free of charge by Poste San Marino, it is possible for companies and private individuals to exchange registered letters. All information is available in the tNotice area on the website


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