Expo 2020: Pedini Amati visits the San Marino Pavilion

Today the Minister of Tourism Federico Pedini Amati visited the San Marino pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, an event that will open on 1st October 2021. The structure that will host San Marino, over 350 square meters on two floors, is located in the “opportunity” area, a few steps from the Universal Exposition’s hub and the United Arab Emirates Pavilion. The construction works have been completed and in the next phase, as the event approaches, spaces will be set up according to a project that the San Marino Commissariat will unveil in the coming weeks. Great satisfaction for Minister Federico Pedini Amati, accompanied by the Commissioner for the Expo and Ambassador of San Marino in the United Arab Emirates Mauro Maiani, in seeing the progress of the works, the quality of the finishes of the San Marino Pavilion and above all the privileged position in which it is placed. At the end of the visit to the site that will host Expo, Minister Federico Pedini Amati was received by the Minister for International Cooperation and Director General of Expo H.E. Reem Al Hashimy. For the Minister of Tourism Federico Pedini Amati also an informal meeting with the Dubai Tourism Board. A discussion with their technicians about San Marino’s next participation in the Arabian Travel Market, one of the most famous international promotional touristic fairs, took place. Federico Pedini Amati (Minister of State for Tourism, Cooperation, Posts and Expo): "I was pleasantly surprised by the progress of the San Marino Pavilion at Expo Dubai. I must say that the great work of Commissioner Mauro Maiani and the local workers have ensured that the structure that will host San Marino is ready, functional and perfectly suited to our needs. It is nice to see that the San Marino Pavilion is in the center of the Expo area, in an extremely privileged position and just a few steps from the hosting Country's exhibition space. I am sure that we will be able to exploit the potential of our participation in Expo”.


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