Students’ Prom Party is back

In an atmosphere of absolute serenity, the Minister of Tourism Federico Pedini Amati and the students of the San Marino Student Association presented today the 2021 edition of "Next - School Ending Party" which will be held on Saturday evening at the Cava degli Umbri P.7 from 19.00 with dinner and after dinner during which the San Marino DJs DE/LAB, Martin Minotti and Simone Giacomini will perform. Only people who have been vaccinated, with a negative swab within the previous 48 hours or with a certificate certifying the presence of antibodies in the blood, can participate in the event. The maximum number of people who can access the event has been set at 1200 and currently 500 tickets have been sold. Starting tomorrow the presales will also be sold in Italy. The event is organized according to the protocols of the ISS, Civil Protection and Gendarmerie in compliance with San Marino Decrees and it is sponsored by the State Congress. Federico Pedini Amati (Minister of Tourism): “During this last year my thoughts have often gone to the young people of San Marino. Who more than them has suffered from the restrictions? They were good, they respected the imposed rules and reached the end of a very hard school year, they don't deserve to end the year without their Prom Party ... As I have said several times, I strongly believe that, when respecting the rules and protocols, we can go back to organizing events, including dance events and I am really happy that the first ones to go back to dancing are our youngsters. Getting to know them and collaborating with them has been a pleasure, they have my trust and they know they will have to repay it. There will be maximum intransigence on compliance with the rules and maximum attention on any type of abuse. It is a party and the atmosphere must be such, I do not admit distortions. As it is known, we will continue, during the summer, with other musical and dancing events. I would like to clarify that we do not do it to challenge fate but because numbers, protocols, the efforts made and the current situation in San Marino allow it. Let me conclude by saying that I personally prefer to know that our kids participate in events within the territory and that my dream is that San Marino will soon be able to have its own disco again. Matteo Dappozzo (President of NEXT San Marino Student Association): “We are very happy to be able to go back to being together, to dancing, to having fun. After a year in which we have been forced to stay at home we want to move, to go out, to do something different ... Therefore, allow us to thank Minister Pedini Amati and the entire State Congress”. Edoardo Pasolini (Vice President NEXT San Marino Student Association): "I would like to reassure everyone, we will be super strict on compliance with the rules because we would like an unforgettable evening".


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